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Flosul Madeiras

Rod. RS 040 - Km 84
ZIP: 95552-000 - Capivari do Sul - RS - Brasil
Phone: +55 (51) 3681.0100
Fax: +55 (51) 3681.0127

With a forest reserve of over 6000 hectares, Flosul Indústria e Comércio de Madeira Ltda. uses all the technology it has incorporated in 40 years of history to produce timber for the most varied uses. The company offers products to the furniture industry, civil construction, street furniture and also wood for energy generation and industrial processes. Flosul increased its activities in the segment when it created its Sawmill Unit and the Wood Preservation Plant, becoming a reference company in the Brazilian and the international market.

Flosul Madeiras plant in Capivari do Sul, RS, Brazil Flosul Madeiras plant in Capivari do Sul, RS, Brazil

Among the most frequent uses of treated wood are the civil construction and electric and telephonic poles. Its rusticity is ideal for internal spaces (apparent wood to support mezzanines) as well as external ones (wood beams). The product offered by Flosul may be also utilized in aquatic ambient due to the chemical treatment it receives.

Always concerned about improving its raw materials, the company has developed programs to optimize productivity by selecting and cloning the superior trees. Flosul is also attentive to environmental management and plans its harvests based on a continuous forest inventory.

Such environmental care made the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council, or Conselho de Manejo Florestal, a worldwide-known organization that promotes good management of natural and planted forests, certifying the origins of the forestry resources) award Flosul with its seal in 1999. Flosul was the first company in Rio Grande do Sul to receive this certification.

The products of the company are well received all over the world due to their quality, and the company’s good management of forest reserves - attested by the FSC seal - and successful business relations. Currently, Flosul’s market focus is in Brazil, the southeast of Asia, Europe and the U.S.A.


FLOSUL is located at kilometer 84 of RS-040, in Capivari do Sul/RS, Brazil. Its forest reserve holds under sustainable management an area of 6.000 hectares, from which 4.500 hectares are planted with Eucalyptus spp. and 1.000 hectares with Pinus spp. Eucalyptus Grandis is predominant due to its rapid growth and high productivity, optimum adaptation to local conditions, function versatility and suitability for solid products.


Flosul Indústria e Comércio de Madeiras Ltda was inaugurated in March 1970, in Capivari do Sul/RS. It started operating as a forestry company and soon it conquered know-how and began investing on the management of their own forest resources. The cultivation of eucalyptus, specifically the Eucalyptus Grandis, led to the creation of the Sawmill Unit and the Wood Preservation Plant. Such technical improvements allow the company to currently produce from rough lumber to sawn and preserved wood, diversifying their product offer.

In 1997, through research and development, FLOSUL established its Drying Complex and the Manufactured Products Unit. In 1999 it conquered the FSC certificate - Forest Stewardship Council, or Conselho de Manejo Florestal – organization that promotes the proper management of natural and planted forests.

In 40 years of history, Flosul has increased its product line, established tradition and has been recognized by the Brazilian and the international market.

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